John is your typical seventeen-year-old guy who loves all things Sci-Fi and Star Wars, and whose favorite hobby is playing video games, especially Minecraft.  When John was asked what his most fantastic Dream was, his answer was easy: a custom gaming computer that can run Shaders on Minecraft.  This is “Greek” language to the staff at TDF, so we contacted our IT hero, Al Davis, with Atlantic Office Machines, and Al worked with Curtis Tarvin with biznuity to create a computer that any tech savvy person would envy.

The smile on John’s face, when he walked into the room and saw his computer, was priceless.  From the state-of-the-art design, someone questioned if he could launch a rocket with his new computer!

Being homebound, because of his medical condition, one of the positives of this super computer, is to be able to keep in touch with his friends.  John has been able to enjoy playing games like Arche Age and Minecraft and says “the resolution is so high that I can open multiple tabs, see everything clearly, and it has never once lagged!”

“This computer was a perfect gift because I know it will last for years to come.  I cannot thank you enough,” John added in a thoughtful thank-you note to TDF.

Thanks to our partnership with We Promise Foundation, and the expertise of biznuity, Toby’s Dream Foundation was able to make John’s Dream came true, and we are thrilled that his gaming fun will continue throughout the years.