Alexa’s, 5, Dream

Our dreamer Alexa is a huge Disney fan. In fact, she can name most of the Disney characters, knows every Disney princess and knows all the songs they sing! When Toby’s Dream Foundation found out Alexa’s biggest dream was to meet her favorite Disney characters it was only fitting to send her to the magical place they live, Disney World.

Alexa was very brave on the flight to Orlando even though she is afraid of heights. Alexa’s mother shared, “Alexa is very scared of heights, but she didn’t let her fears stop her.” During their flight to Orlando the flight attendants announced that Alexa was on her Dream, they went on to congratulate and share well wishes for Alexa throughout her travels. The kindness didn’t stop there. Passengers on the flight to Orlando also drew pictures and shared Disney trading pins with Alexa. These pins are collectibles one can trade with other guests and cast members of any Disney Resort. Apparently, several passengers had Disney pins from previous visits to Disney venues! These kind gestures from strangers helped to make Alexa’s Dream extra special.

Once Alexa and her family were settled in Orlando they did not have to worry about a thing! Give Kids the World Village accommodated all of Alexa’s family’s needs. This allowed Alexa and her family to focus on making precious memories, experiencing all the wonder and magic Alexa’s Dream had to offer. One of Alexa’s mom’s favorite memories was watching Alexa and her siblings experience Magic Kingdom at Disney World. “The look on their faces was unforgettable! They looked like they couldn’t believe they were really at Disney World and not just watching it on television.” Once in Magic Kingdom, Alexa saw all the characters she had been dreaming of. She was most excited to meet Queen Elsa and Princess Ariel. Alexa’s mom said, “She loved seeing and sharing a hug with both of them.” Since Alexa is afraid of heights, she decided to forgo riding the roller coasters. Instead, between meeting her favorite characters, Alexa rode every carousel she could, multiple times! Alexa’s mom told us that Alexa, “…would circle all the carousels’ characters until she chose the ‘perfect’ one for her. Watching Alexa run, play, smile, and be a normal rambunctious 5-year-old was heart touching. This experience was truly magical after all she has been though.” It has been four months since Alexa’s Dream trip to Disney World and Alexa’s mom said they still talk about the fun memories they made daily. “We’ve made wonderful family memories to share. This trip is something we will always cherish.”

Together, Toby’s Dream Foundation and We Promise Foundation, make it possible for our Dreamers and their families to create memories that will last a lifetime.