Ansley wants to have fun!


Ansley, age 8, is a fun-loving kid! She loves water parks, riding fun rides, and meeting her favorite characters. When thinking about where she would want to go for her Dream, she decided to go to the best place on earth that has all of her favorite things; Disney World!


Every day, while in Florida, Ansley and her family would spend the morning at a different park and then come back to Give Kids the World Village (GKTW). Ansley’s mom Jaime explained, “Once we got to the parks, we would do the things on Ansley’s check-list and then we would get out of the park. She just couldn’t wait to get back to The Village because she was treated like royalty there!” While at GKTW, Ansley got to take part in the talent show, Ansley’s mom exclaimed, “It was a family affair! Ansley danced to “JuJu on that Beat”, her brother Drew did the “Gummy Bear” song, while her sister Emily was of the judges! It was just so special so see all of them do their thing on stage!” Another special experience, all our Dream families get to take part in during their stay at Give Kids the World Village, is celebrating every major holiday each and every week! Ansley’s mom said, “They did Christmas one night and the kids got to talk to Santa. They even made it snow! It was just magical.”


Out of all the parks, Ansley really loved Universal Studios parks and rides the most! This is because she isn’t the biggest fan of roller coasters, but she loves virtual reality rides. Ansley wouldn’t describe herself as Disney Princess kind of girl so when it came to meet her favorite character’s she stuck to everyone but the Disney Princesses, including but not limited to the Minions, the Star Wars characters and Mary Poppins!


Ansley’s mom reflected on their Dream experience, “We have been through so much junk, and we weren’t able to do anything together for a really long time. Bringing the family together, created some amazing memories.”


We are thankful to our partner We Promise Foundation for helping us give our Dream families memories that will last a lifetime!