Caleb is a 15-year-old boy who loves cartoons, classic rock, and above all else, video games.  Having grown up playing video games with his brothers and cousins, Caleb knew right away what his Dream would be: a new, custom computer with a gaming and virtual-reality set-up, including all of the accessories.  Not only would it bring him lots of joy, but “I knew it would be something that I would use often, rather than a one-time experience.”

Even though this is a tricky time to be making Dreams come true due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to pool our resources together and think outside the box in order to get Caleb his dream gaming computer so that he would be able to use it, especially during this period of quarantine. We had the computer built and customized for Caleb and arranged for its delivery. Then, the company that built the computer, Atlantic Office Technologies, helped guide him in setting it up via an online face-to-face meeting.

Caleb said, “I know that in these times it’s even more difficult to deliver things, but it means a lot to me that you put in all this extra work just for me.”  He says that he has been playing Terraria a lot and has “been able to connect and play with friends a lot.”  He added, “I am grateful that I got this computer; it really makes light of what happened.  It has brought some fun out of all of this.”

Caleb’s mother chimed in, “It makes us so happy to see him so happy.  That’s what he enjoys doing!  Thank you so much!”

We are thrilled that Caleb has his computer during this quarantine!  We at Toby’s Dream Foundation would like to thank our friends at We Promise Foundation for partnering with us to make this Dream come true for Caleb.