Andrew’s, 14, Custom Computer!

This newsletter we decided to do our Dreamer Story a little differently. In doing the evaluation interview, we asked Andrew some questions. After receiving his answers, we felt we couldn’t write his story as eloquently as he answered our questions. Below are 14-year-old Andrew’s words from his heart.

Q: Why did you want to have a custom computer made?

Andrew: I wanted a computer custom made, to my specifications, for a multitude of reasons. For one, I found the opportunity given to me by Toby’s Dream was a once in a lifetime opportunity and was specifically for me due to my situation. I figured I’d wish for something that would help boost my progress in a hobby/field I’ve been pursuing for multiple years now, computers. Another reason is it would have kept my mind off of my unfortunate circumstances and it gave me something extra to look forward to about coming home from the hospital.

I will never forget the feeling of finally getting out of one of my cycles and immediately using this computer, the feeling completely overwhelmed any bad side effects of the chemo.

Q: What is your favorite part of the customized computer?

Andrew: My favorite part of the customized computer has to be the internals. Just

the overall look screams “power”, from the RBG LED’s to the top tier graphics card, liquid cooling, and the overall futuristic look of the case, not to mention the expert cable management done by the team from Forward Vision Technology. It’s hard to find particulars as this computer was

built to perfection for me. The shortest and sweetest way I can put it is that this computer is a beast in terms of gaming, work, and profil

e. It covers every one of my needs from technology.

Q: Also, do you like anything in particular, about its look? Functionality?

Andrew: I’m a bit torn on what

my favorite activity is on this computer, but if I were to boil it down to two options I’d say gaming and programming, or any type of hardware demanding work. Gaming is absolutely flawless on this machine! As to functionality, I handed down my old gaming laptop, which I used to use for work and gaming, to my brother and we can now happily play together without having to worry about whose turn it is due to PC’s lack of split screen. Also, I think I first realized the true power of this machine when I had 4 programs open which were each high demanding in processing power.

Q: As a teenager going through treatment what did receiving this Dream mean to you?

Andrew:As a teenager dealing with cancer, and its’ hard treatment, this dream means enormous amounts to me. I often find that even words are not enough to express my gratitude because it has fulfilled so many of my dreams all at once. From progressing my skill and knowledge in computers and technology, to helping me bond with my family in my off time, and even earning me a bit of money with the power this machine boasts. Overall, the fulfillment of this dream was absolutely perfect, and I don’t think I could’ve asked for anything better! It helped me cope with some of the hardest moments of treatment as it would take my mind off of any of the bad side effects of chemo and it helped me stay connected with my friends.

Toby’s Dream Foundation thanks our partner We Promise Foundation for helping provide our Dreamers with the resource and opportunity to realize and experience their most fantastic dream. For Andrew tomorrow begins with a dream…