A birthday surprise for Mia

Surprise! Our sweet dreamer, 5-year-old Mia, recently experienced her most fantastic dream at Disney World where she celebrated her fifth birthday with her father, Danny.

Mia and her dad’s special father-daughter trip whisked them away to the delightful wonders of Give Kids the World Village where they stayed during Mia’s special “birthday surprise.” Mia loved GKTW Village because she could indulge her sweet-tooth in ice cream every day and she could explore all the attractions GKTW Village offered right outside her door.

After getting settled, Mia and her dad began their adventure to discover all the magic Disney World had to offer. With so many characters from books and movies Mia treasured growing up; she was delighted to spend time with all the Disney princesses she had always idolized and imagined herself to be.

While Mia’s mom was unable to go on the trip, Mia and her dad shared pictures and updates with her every day to help her feel like a part of the adventure.

“Even though I am unable to be with Mia for her Disney trip, the pictures her dad shared and being able to Skype with her has turned my frown upside-down.”

Toby’s Dream Foundation (TDF) knows anytime Mia’s feeling down, her memories and pictures of a Disney-Birthday-Extraordinaire will turn that frown upside-down every time.

While Mia and her parents are incredibly grateful to TDF and its donors for making Mia’s birthday a true “happily ever after,” we hope our entire TDF community will feel lifted by the magical memories Mia will cherish for a lifetime.


For Mia… Tomorrow begins with a dream!