Ronnie Dreams about a Mouse!!!

Ronnie, age 3, is a typical toddler with a vivid imagination and boundless energy. When he’s not playing with his cars or Scooby Doo animals, Ronnie is running around the house being a superhero! He keeps his mom busy all day long asking questions and learning, just like one of his favorite characters, Curious George. Dad, Mom and sister Kaitlyn, age 6, try their best to keep up with Ronnie’s imagination and energy. Laughing, playing and being tickled by his parents are Ronnie’s favorite things to do!

Although Ronnie lost his eye to cancer, that doesn’t slow him down. He loves dinosaurs and going to the zoo, watching Max and Ruby, Lilo and Stitch and of course Mickey Mouse! Our volunteers met with Ronnie and his family and found out going to Disney World would be a Dream come true for our little superhero!

Plans were made for the family to leave for Orlando the week before Christmas. When the limo arrived, the family began a magical 6 day adventure where they could be worry free and enjoy time with each other. Jennifer, Ronnie’s mom, wrote “We are so grateful and thankful that you sent us on this trip to Disney and Give Kids The World Village.” “I wish I could convey what a spurt of positiveness and happiness you have given our family in this tough year. I feel like you gave us a gift I didn’t know we needed”.

While at The Magic Kingdom, the family stayed in their own villa at Give Kids The World Village, a place built for children first and foremost, catering to their needs and wants, medically and as a family. And the best part, according to Ronnie’s mom, “he was excited to have ice cream every day!”.

The family of four decided to spend most of their time at Disney world, where Ronnie got to meet Mickey Mouse in person! In fact, Ronnie wanted to talk to and hug all of the Disney characters. It was the highlight of his adventure! On their trip to Universal Studios, Ronnie even got to meet one of his favorite superheroes, Spiderman! With all of his energy, Ronnie didn’t need a web to fly through the park!

Back at home in Norfolk right before Christmas Eve, still full of The Magic Kingdom and free ice cream, Ronnie was able to realize the most fantastic Dream of a holiday any 3 year old little boy could imagine. This is sure to be a memory of a lifetime for our little superhero.

Toby’s Dream Foundation is honored to partner with We Promise Foundation to make Dreams come true for our Dream Kids.

For Ronnie and all the children we serve… Tomorrow begins with a Dream…