Ashley Finds the Strength of Samson

Ashley, a 14-year old Dreamer from Virginia Beach, was referred to Toby’s Dream Foundation (TDF) so that she could experience the shopping spree of a lifetime.

During her interview with TDF volunteers, Ashley was unsure about exactly what she’d like to purchase during her spree, but she was absolutely sure that she wanted her best friend by her side.  Together, they took off to their favorite retail hotspots and picked up all of the girly essentials: clothes, shoes and more clothes!

Ashley’s rare life-threatening illness has taken her hair and, until her Dream, she had a wig, but felt she wanted a new look.  Ashley was able to find two new hairpieces that instantly gave her a new sense of strength and pride.  Her favorite new wig has long dark hair that cascades down her back, which gives her the sense of being a “normal” teenager. Now she’s ready to take on her illness and she’ll be doing it in style!

January, 2011

Ashley lost her battle with her illness, but her memory will last forever with those who knew and loved her. Toby’s Dream Foundation is honored to be able to make a dream come true for Ashley.

For Ashley… Tomorrow begins with a dream…