Mya, age 7, was very sick when we received her referral.  She was unable to travel, but her mother wanted to plan something special as a way to make lasting memories with her sweet girl.  She decided to plan for a peaceful weekend at the beach for Mya’s family to be able to create memories to last a lifetime.

We arranged for medical transport to take Mya from CHKD to the beach, where our good friend, Bruce Thompson an owner of Gold Key PHR, provided a suite at his Oceanaire Resort Hotel, complete with beautiful ocean views.  During her stay, another friend, Alice Ruffin, another owner of Gold Key PHR personally took them dinner for the first night then provided menus for all of the Gold Key restaurants along Atlantic Avenue so they could order whatever they wanted and have it delivered directly to their suite.  Alice also made sure that their kitchen was stocked with everything they would need for their weekend stay.

Over the weekend, Mya had a private tour at the Virginia Beach Aquarium and spent some time in their beautiful butterfly garden.  While enjoying the garden, one of the butterflies landed on her shoulder and stayed there for a few minutes.  The administrator who gave Mya the tour said he had never seen that happen before.  Mya’s mother felt that it was a sign that she was going to be okay.

Mya’s four-day-weekend with her family was spent peacefully, enjoying one another and treasuring each moment.  When Mya returned to CHKD, her mother said she was in a more peaceful place with regard to her daughter’s situation.  Sadly, Mya earned her angel wings about a week after her Dream weekend at the beach.  The memories of that weekend will sustain this sweet family forever.  Fly high, sweet Mya. You will always be forever remembered.