Matthew, age 17, was a RUSH referral to Toby’s Dream Foundation. His father is retired from the Navy, so Matthew was treated at Portsmouth Naval Medical Center. Being a huge Washington Redskins fan for many years, Matthew’s dream was to meet one of the players, Ryan Kerrigan. Celebrity dreams are dependent on the individual celebrity so most of these requests take time to fulfill. Unfortunately, we did not have time on our side. Because the training season had not begun, Ryan was in California on vacation so meeting face to face was not possible. Mathew was too sick to travel. Ryan, graciously, made a personal video for Matthew and the staff at TDF rushed to take it to him as quickly as possible. Matthew’s smile when seeing the video completed this heartwarming moment.

Only 4 days after seeing the video, Matthew earned his angel wings. His father expressed such gratitude for giving his son that moment of joy.

Toby’s Dream Foundation would like to thank our Dream partner, We Promise Foundation, for helping us provide these precious moments for our Dream children and their families.